are the reason life is beautiful 因为你生活是美好的

Zeyun Chen

Potato artist with education background CIC Shanghai CSM London BCU Birmingham Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp.

Daisy 孙艺恬

My collection aims to offer classic combinations with simple yet subtle detailing.

Claudia Chanhoi

Very…indicative, feminine, erotic.

Stas Zhitsky

Product and graphic designer, author, blogger, columnist and a contemporary artist well known in Russia.

Jam 马佳

Mother, daughter, entrepreneur, authentic.

Yijun Liu

Blue titanium jewellery artist.

Ruiqi Dai 戴睿琦

I intend to use lines that are full of elasticity to connect time and space from solid vessel to the void of imagination.

Aviva Li

Each collection epitomises her passion and dedication in creating unique handbags and incorporates the exquisite art of Italian craftsmanship.

Ilgin Seymen

A playfully critical approach to life styles shaped under the domain of mass media and consumption.

Emma J Shipley

Taking inspiration from myths, legends and the unique beauty of the natural world.

Sherry Min

伦敦橘子艺术琵琶老师,资深试镜师。She is probably the finest Pipa music teacher in London.

Lin Lin

A phenomenal flute player and a wonderfully gifted pianist.

Melody Jiang



My theme explores the psychological force behind sexual stimuli, also known as porn.

He Fei 费贺

Contemporary jewellery designer using various materials and techniques to explore the boundary between genders.

Xiaowen Zhu 朱晓闻

She uses film, photography, performance, installation and mixed media as platforms to communicate the complex experience of being a diasporic person and to wrestle with the notion of a disembodied identity.



T-mo Bauer

Constantly pushes the boundaries of artistic expression through technology.

Kiki Tang

Sea and nature give my pieces soul, love and imagination.

Natalie Tobert

My sculptural forms embody the unpredictability of life on earth: some show females transmuting into bird-like forms; others appear vegetal.



Isabella Liu 刘蔓

The Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards 2015!