Central London Oil Painting Class 伦敦中心油画课

04/02/2018 @ 11:15 am – 2:00 pm
Inside Charing Cross Library 2nd Floor
4 Charing Cross Rd
London WC2H 0HF
£ 45.00 - £ 400.00

About the Class


For many centuries, artists are in the centre of adoration and fortune because of their brushes and colours, which either highly depicted the real world with fine details or abstractly captured light, shadow and emotions thus touched our souls. Being thrilled in front of the famous artworks, do you ever want to express yourself in the same way? In this class, we will teach you all the oil painting knowledge and techniques. You can start with mimicking masterpieces of Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Giorgio Morandi, etc. Or you can consult our teacher to develop your own style from the very beginning. This is the only central London oil painting class (not acrylic) taught in two languages, English and Chinese. All drawing materials are provided.


Course A: Taster
1 class, 3 hours per class, total price £45.00 (inc.VAT)

Content: 1. select the drawing content without too many details 2. sketch the outline of subjects on small sized canvas  3. brush with simple and close colours. 4. take your painting home after class. Goal: Quickly get your hands on oil painting by finishing a small drawing with canvas size 24x30 cm.

Course B: Basics
5 classes, 3 hours per class, total price £210.00 (inc.VAT)

Content: 1. select the drawing content with a lot of details 2. sketch the outline of subjects on medium sized canvas  3. brush with more complex and accurate colours in multiple layers. Goal: Use proper oil painting techniques to create 1-2 medium sized artworks on canvas size 30x40 cm.

Course C: Advanced
10 classes, 3 hours per class, total price £400.00 (inc. VAT)

Content: 1. bespoke drawing content with different level of details as required 2. brush with prepared and accurate colours in multiple layers.  Goal: Create a large oil painting artwork with rich colours and details for display or a series of small oil painting artworks suitable for decoration.

Meet the Teacher


 YUYU is currently studying at the Slade School of Fine Art (previously Central Saint Martins UAL) with years of experience in oil painting.


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Google Reviews


  •   Very well-organized class. Really good experience. Recommend to beginners who'd like to try oil painting

    thumb Cookie Chen

      A large variety of selection pieces we can choose. All the equipment (brushes, canvas, etc) is provided. The class room can easily accommodate 6+ people and the teacher is very patient. Great experience!

    thumb ShuqiZeguang W

      The atmosphere is really peaceful and calm. The teacher is great, helps everyone in difference dimentions with patients. I enjoy the afternoon with friends there and do the oil-painting.

    thumb Liqin Yu
  •   The place is well-chosen and easy to access. The class is suitable for people at all levels from beginners to people with a bit painting experience. Good service and guidance with painting techniques. Had a great time with my friend there.

    thumb Linjie Qu

      Fantastic experience!!!! The painting teacher is well-designed and patient to help every fresher.

    thumb Yichen Zhu

      Great experience with the oil painting class. Suitable for beginners with all the painting kit prepared for you. The location is nice. The instructor is patient, helpful, easy to follow and encouraging. It's also a nice time out with friends. Would definitely recommend it.

    thumb Ying Xiao
  •   Excellent experience on oil painting! Easy for new beginners!

    thumb FAN CUI