All About Lines “Bauhaus” Bracelet

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Materials:silver, yellow and black enamel, yellow zircon. Bauhaus is one of Jiang’s favourite 1920s art movement. She is totally enamoured with the seriousness and practical designs injected with solid and calm colours. With their timid highlights and block theory, the minimalism and uniqueness are definitely captured. There are no extra embellishments in German Bauhaus, thus advocating practical designs. With All About Lines, designer Jiang applies this exact spirit and practicality, drawing colourful lines and sparkling stones to make an impressive colour theory for everyone.

材质:银质,黄黑色珐琅黄色皓石包豪斯是设计师最喜欢的二十世纪早期艺术风格,体现了严肃性和实用主义。设计师采用坚实和沉着的色彩线条,赋予 All About Lines 同样的内涵,形成适合您个人的令人印象深刻的颜色理论。


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