Bird and Ant Ring 鸟与蚂蚁戒指

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Materials: Silver. Size: One size fits all (open design). This special Bird and Ant Ring is based on a real story that once upon a time, a bird occasionally saved an ant who fell into water. Later on, when a hunter was going to shoot the bird, the ant saw this happening and quickly ran to bite the hunter’s foot so he missed the target. Thence the bird and ant lived together happily thereafter.

材质:银。尺寸:均码(开放式设计)。 这款独特的鸟与蚂蚁戒指取材于一个真实的故事。从前有一只鸟很偶然的救了一只落水的蚂蚁。后来,当猎人想要射鸟的时候,被蚂蚁看到了。蚂蚁飞快的跑过去狠狠的咬了猎人的脚。猎人一痛,箭就射歪了。自此后鸟就和蚂蚁快乐的生活在了一起。

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