Crown Blossom Stacking Ring

£ 990.00

Materials: 18K rose gold or white gold, 8 mother of pearls and 2 diamonds. Weight: 2.99g. The crown collection is inspired by Kiki Tang’s timeless romance from nature. Flowers blooming from east to west, she uses her own eyes to capture that unique sense of beauty and express her delicate style into each design with 18K rose gold, white gold, and mixed diamond, plus hand carved mother of pearls.

材质:18K玫瑰金或白金,8片珠贝,2颗钻石。重量:2.99克。Kiki Tang 深爱来自自然的永恒之美。她的皇冠系列采用独特的设计,以及18K玫瑰金,白金,钻石,手工切制的珠贝等美好的材质,捕捉到了东西方关于花卉审美的一致情趣,值得拥有。



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