DRUNKEN MACHINE Stone Gear Earring

£ 76.00

Materials:silver plated in 18K yellow gold, zirconia (yellow and white), malachite, ivory pearl. Never regard mechanics as a masculine and vapid topic.  It can be feminine and sexy with Jiang’s design approach. We should not be evaluated by genders, as it is too limitative and old-fashioned. Women are soldiers, warriors, the most beautiful creatures in the world. In our Golden Era, we don’t struggle with rules and roles; we are bold and brave; confident and independent. The Drunken Machine collection is inspired by the machine structure, parts by parts, composing of integrated and technical organisation. Decorated gears and screws separated with pearls and colourful stones create interesting and fresh looks.

材质:银质,18K镀金,黄白色皓石,孔雀石,象牙色珍珠。永远不要认为机械是无趣的男人话题。在设计师眼里,同样可以变的阴柔而性感。用性别来分类已经是过去式了。女人同样是战士,斗士,也是最美的。黄金时代系列不再纠结规则和角色,呈现女性大胆勇敢自信独立的新特质。The Drunken Machine 受机器结构启发,将齿轮等部件与珍珠宝石结合,创造出有趣而全新的面貌。


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