Golden Sky Vase

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Materials: Porcelain. Dimensions: 21 x 10 cm. This collection stems from a love of nature with unique airbrush technique to show the effect of light and dark contrasts through the rotation of earth and capture the constantly changing conditions of light and colour in timeless sense of space. “I intend to use lines that are full of elasticity to connect time and space, reality and virtual in order to provided audiences with an imaginary space, from solid vessel to the void of imagination.”

材质陶瓷。尺寸规格:21 x 10 厘米。该系列作品与自然密切相关,采用独特的airbrush技法体现在随地球自转,明与暗穿梭交替所产生的光色来体现空间的永恒性,极具律动美感。“我想用富有弹性的线条去连接时间与空间,真实与虚幻。其意在给观众提供一种想像空间,从实的形到想像的虚幻。”

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