LUNA Earrings LUNA耳饰

£ 69.00

Materials: 24k gold, fine silver, brass, copper, pearl. Beautiful earrings from the latest LUNA collection. LUNA is a song to the moon. Inspired by Antoni Dvorak's 'Rusalka', this collection captures the sacred lumiere and grace of the female body with pure elegance and extraordinary craftsmanship.

材质:足金,银,黄铜,铜,珍珠。来自月亮系列的作品。LUNA是献给月神的颂歌。受Antoni Dvorak《水仙女》的启发,该系列以纯洁雅致的流线型体与超凡的工艺赋予女性高贵与优雅,仿佛笼罩在神圣的月光之下。


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