Neverlands Embroidery Clutch Bag

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Materials: 100% calfskin. Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 x 7 cm. The Neverlands carnival collection features the mystery and allure of the famous Venice masquerade festival. Every February, thousands of travellers visit this celebrated city of canals and join the carnival parades and evening balls wearing masks with exquisite costumes. Embroidery and stud details are added to pure leather to highlight the sensual and mysterious theme.

材质100%牛皮。尺寸规格:20 x 11.5 x 7 厘米。Neverlands 狂欢节系列灵感来源于世界上历史最悠久,规模最大的意大利威尼斯狂欢节。狂欢节期间,人们从世界各国赶到威尼斯,头戴绚丽夸张的面具,身着华丽服饰盛装出席,在水城威尼斯神秘如画的风景映衬下,仿佛回到了18世纪的狂欢节之城。真皮中加入的刺绣和铆钉的装饰细节突出狂欢节感性和神秘的面具主题。



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