Pandora Pearl Bracelet

£ 136.00

Materials:silver plated in 18k white gold, zircon(clear), and girl pinkish pearl. My Fair Lady is inspired by the Eastern and Western cultures with elegant, classic, and modern styles. This collection conveys the grace and beauty of a woman, proposing a profound meaning of the present and the future. Pandora constructs irregular polyhedron without sides but only with sparkling stone inlays, framed by hands. The pearl inside the unsealed box represents eternal hope, faith and belief and good fortune. 

材质:银质,18K镀金,透明皓石,粉色珍珠。My Fair Lady 系列灵感来源于东西方文化中的高雅经典和摩登的风格。该系列彰显女性的优雅风姿,蕴含现在和未来的深意。潘多拉的盒子由不规则多面体构成,内含的珍珠代表了希望,信念和好运气。


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