Printmaking Workshop by Jamie Temple

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This workshop will give participants an introduction to traditional techniques, tools and materials used in the relief printing process of linocut, and shows how easy and fun it can be to make your own prints at home. Starting with a small piece of lino we will first draw straight onto it, before learning how to use different cutting tools to carve out our simple designs. With the carved block (sort of like a rubber stamp) we will then roll ink over the surface and transfer that to paper to create unique lino prints to take home.

不同于木刻对技术和工具的极高要求,在老师指导下使用 LINOCUT 技术,即便是手无缚鸡之力的文青也可以快速创造出属于自己的雕版印刷艺术品。事实上,在当代艺术领域,因为毕加索 Pablo Picasso 和马蒂斯 Henri Matisse 的使用,LINOCUT 已经发展成为了专业印刷媒介。毕加索采用 ‘reductive’ print method 甚至可以实现 LINOCUT 的多色印刷。即便是毫无经验和基础的同学,也可以通过本次课程为自己的麻麻制作专属于她的印刷艺术品。

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