The Year of Dog Cardholder Limited Edition

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Materials: 100% calfskin. Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 1 cm. This limited edition is created with London Mandarin Arts to celebrate the coming year 2018 which is the year of dog. The English bulldog is printed both sides with lovely and dolorous looking, indicating his cuteness and loyalty to his master. There are six card slots and one zipped coin compartment.

材质100%牛皮。尺寸规格:10 x 9 x 1 厘米。这款限量卡包图案由伦敦橘子艺术设计,为迎接即将到来的2018年,也就是中国的狗年。卡包上的英国斗牛犬采用双面打印,带着可爱而忧伤的表情,显示出他的调皮和对主人的忠诚。这款卡包有6个卡位和一个带有拉链的小隔间,用来装硬币等小物品。

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