Universe Agate Double Ring Limited Edition

£ 89.00

Materials: 18k yellow/white gold plated silver, ivory pearls, pink/grey agate, pink zircon. This limited edition ring may be different from the pictures shown due to unique texture and colour of stone of each piece. L’Amour Universe is a high craftsmanship, jewellery collection made from qualified gemstones combined with 18K gold. The dual-opened sides are each connected and curved to a heart-shape conveying a romantic minimalism. Every piece is unique and every stone has been meticulously picked to make it special, to make you special. A design made for every personality.

材质:银质,表面18K镀金,粉色锆石,粉灰色玛瑙,珍珠。限量款戒指因为每颗宝石的独特性可能与示意图片略不相同。L’Amour Universe 系列采用高超工艺与珍贵宝石打造,双边开口设计成心形传达极简的罗曼蒂克情怀。每一件都独特,每一颗宝石都经过严格筛选,该系列为您的个性增光添彩。



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