Fireworks Classic Earrings


Fireworks collection is literally inspired by the fireworks and their amazing colours and diversity of flame. They are originally invented in medieval China in the 9th century to scare away evil spirits, as one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China. We always play fireworks to celebrate a new year, a festival or any particular ceremonies. During every summer, couple of cities in Japan will hold Firework Ceremony for summer. Designer Jiang is so addicted to their summer firework ceremony. Firework is the best description of summer vibe, filled with passion, enthusiasm, glory and love. Jiang applies its spirt in the jewellery world to transfer this ceremony and create chaos.

  • Materials: 18k yellow gold plated 925 sterling silver; dark pink, pink, dark purple, dark red, red, and violet Swarovski crystal.
  • Main crystal diameter: 0.5cm
  • Box and dust bag


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